About this website


Fellow model horse hobbyist Bonnie Krueger and I are in the process of creating a comprehensive website dedicated to the resin horse hobbyist. We are currently attempting to catalog as many resins as possible, displaying photos and artist information on each. Further resins will be added as they are created. We hope to eventually include information on showing resin horses, including breed assignment, color information, and links to artists and organizations, etc. Our intent is to provide information to newcomers and seasoned competitors alike, which will assist them in identifying and showing their resin model horses.

Please help us in this voluntary endeavor that will benefit the entire model horse hobbyist community. I recall that as a newcomer to the resin side of the model horse hobby, I often heard names I didnít know, both artist and equine. I would spend hours searching the Internet for pictures of certain resins, often to no avail. Even after purchasing my own resins, I still had questions. What breed should I show this one as? What class should I enter that one in? What color should I have my new resin painted? We are hoping this new website will further encourage and promote the growth of the model horse hobby by providing a single website for those on a similar quest for knowledge about resin horses.

The success of this project greatly depends on input from others, and we hope to hear from you. Please feel free to email with any comments or questions.


Amber Powell

with  Bonnie Krueger