Frequently Asked Questions


We have tried to answer the most frequently-asked questions here, but if you are still having trouble, please feel free to contact Bonnie by emailing newsletters@bonniekrueger dot com .

The following ladies have generously volunteered to help out with adding and resizing pictures in their spare time.  If your question is along these lines, please contact one of them.

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Adding your own records and photos


What do I need in order to upload my pictures?

Make sure your photos are saved on your hard drive (not the internet) and in .jpg format.  You must also have a separate thumbnail file saved of each picture; no more than 125 pixels tall.  The full-size pictures should be no more than 700 pixels tall or 700 pixels wide, whichever is the longest side of the photo.  If your photos do not comply with the size restrictions, they will be deleted without notification.  This is to keep browsing fast and easy for everyone.  Below are links to a few free photo resizing programs.

Image Resizer PowerToy:

Zoner Photo Studio 14:

FastStone Image Viewer:

How do I create thumbnails?

Suppose you have a photo called "briosoheadshot.jpg" which you would like to submit.

1. Open it in your photo editing program
2. Look for something like Image - Resize
3. There should be something like Height - 125 pixels, which you can choose
4. Then click Save As (not Save) and name it something like "briosoheadshot_small.jpg"

So now you have two copies of the photo, a large/original/full-size.... and a smaller thumbnail.  Converting your full-size images to no more than 700 pixels tall or wide will be done with similar steps.

Why do I need to register?

It's a simple step that will give you the ability to add your own horses, and you will then be able to log in and update your records and pictures any time.

My email address changed; what should I do?

Just email Bonnie and she'll update it for you.

When I log in, not all of my horses are showing up in the list.  What's wrong?

It's probable that those horses were added under the "guest" account.  Just email Bonnie and she'll add them to your own account.

I purchased a horse already listed in the directory.  How do I have the owner's name changed?

E-mail the person listed as the current owner, sending them the email address used in your account on the website, and ask them to edit it for you.

I sold a horse to someone else.  How do I change the owner's name?

In your account main menu, use the "Move a horse's record from one account to another" link, or if the new owner is not listed in the directory, use the "edit horse" link, then type the owner's name in the appropriate box.

Do I add a new Resin or a Horse?  What's the difference?

The site is divided into two parts - "Resins" which refer to the "molds" or "sculptures."  That's the right-hand side of the home page.  Then there are "Horses" (left-hand side of the front page) which refer to the individual "models" - they have details about owner, painter, winnings, etc.

Every resin needs to be on the right hand side of the page before it can be on the left, since the horses (or models) on the left are sub-categories of the resins (or molds/sculptures) on the right.

So, if you want to add your Horse/model, first be sure your Resin/sculpture is listed in the directory.  (When searching for it, remember some resins have prefixes to their names.)  If your resin is there, go ahead to "Add new horse" - if not, choose "Add new resin."

My Resin isn't listed in the directory.  How do I add it?

1. After logging in, click "Add new resin"
2. Type the name of sculpture/mold (not your specific horse/model).  If the company, such as AA or North Light, doesn't give real *names,* then you can put something like "North Light Standing Arab"
3. Choose the breed assigned to the resin by the sculptor or company
4. Don't forget scale and gender
5. Yes, you can add pictures here - of different horses of the same resin/mold if you like
(Mention no details about color or painting, since this only refers to the mold and the horses could be any color)

The sculptor isn't listed in the directory, and/or it was a collaboration between two persons; what do I do?

If the sculptor is not in the directory, there is an option to add their name, underneath "select sculptor", and you may also add their website address.  If a resin was a collaboration between two sculptors, they must be added together as a new person. (example: Vicki Keeling/Debbie LerMond)

How do I add a new Horse?

1. After logging in, "Add new horse"
2. Name - that is, your specific model
3. Color - you can choose more than one color by holding down CTRL and clicking the second one
4. Painter - if it is from a company and you don't know who specifically painted it, just put in the company name, "North Light" for example.  You can choose more than one painter by holding down CTRL and clicking the second name
5. Breed Shown As - refers to the breed you've assigned it - the sculptor might call it "Arabian" but perhaps you show it as a "Shagya Arab" or "Egyptian Arab" or "Arab/NSH cross"
6. Don't forget owner, resin, and classes won
7. Add pictures, all of the same horse/model

How do I add the pictures?

Let's say your original, full-size picture is saved as "briosoheadshot.jpg" and your thumbnail is saved as "briosoheadshot_small.jpg"

1. On the first line, browse for "briosoheadshot_small.jpg" on the left under Thumbnail, and browse for "briosoheadshot.jpg" on the right under Picture.
2. The second line would be for a different photograph of the same horse - such as "briosoleft_small.jpg" on the left and "briosoleft.jpg" on the right.
3. The "Sort Order" determines in which order the pictures will be displayed.  The lowest number is the "main" thumbnail; the one shown in search results and the first photo to be displayed.

The thumbnail and photo on each line correspond to each other.  When adding photos, be sure to add BOTH the thumbnail and the full-size picture on the same line.  If you only add one or the other, it will not work!  If you only have one photo, there is no need to type anything in the other three lines.

If the pictures do not load, but you would like to try again, just check things over and "add horse" again - then delete the first horse.  Or, just add the horse's record, then send the pictures to one of the website volunteers with your name and the horse's name, and we will help you out.

Please feel free to e-mail newsletters@bonniekrueger dot com with questions, corrections, or additional information.  There are too many pictures to be edited by one person alone, so if she's too busy to help you immediately, she'll direct you toward several wonderful volunteers who will also be happy to help you out!